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Joseph Edward Sawyer was born 1851 in Pottersville, NY. One of eight children born to Milton and Thankful Sawyer. Sometime in his early life he was a tanner in partnership with his father in Schroon Lake, NY. In 1879 he moved to Glens Falls where he was employed in a general store for $600.00 per year. He than became a bookkeeper and salesman for The Glens Falls Hub and Spoke Co. He bought this company on April 16th 1883 for $7,459.88. There was no written contract. The agreement was sealed on a handshake. The location was near the Jointa Lime Company on Lower Warren Street in Glens Falls.

Because of increased business, larger quarters were necessary and the company moved to 26 Warren Street in 1887 where it stayed until 1894. Saddles sold for $10.00, feed boxes for horses for $3.50, tuned shaft bells at $2.00 for a set of seven. Henry Disston Apple Handsaws at $16.00 per dozen, 20oz hammers at $9.00 a dozen, buffalo robes at $9.00 and 10" pipe wrenches were .85¢. At this time, the company expanded into iron and steel products, James M. Patterson, brother-in-law of Mr. Sawyer joined the firm.

Once more the company moved, this time to 30 Warren Street, next do to it's former site. A team of horses and a sleigh were used to deliver merchandise to customers. Sawyer's employed 6 harness makers to keep up with the demand.

In 1914 the company made its last move to the top of Glen Street Hill. In 1917 the business was incorporated. The Board of Directors were; Mr. Sawyer, William Gleason and Robert E. Patterson, another Brother-in-Law.

Iron, steel, heavy hardware, contractors and mill supplies, blacksmiths, wagon and harness maker supplies could be found. A blacksmith shop played an important part in the daily life of the community, logging operations in conjunction with mills, work on the farms, transportation and sports. The blacksmith retired in 1958.

1n 1929 a building that was to be demolished was aquired to house the heating and plumbing department. In 1955 a building at 16 Park Street was bought for display purposes and warehousing. Then in 1962, the old Kohn Brother's building at 86 Glen Street was purchased, modernized and housed the Plumbing and Heating Division.

As the company grew, salesmen were hired to cover a larger territory ranging from the Capital District, to the Canadian Border to the North, The entire State of Vermont, and part of New Hampshire.

In 1971 a major addition was added to the main four story building. It was built to house steel, new shipping and receiving facilities and warehousing.

In 1991 Sawyers formed an ESOP company. Employee Stock Ownership Plan. The employees were now empowered to play a role in the success of Sawyers. A new Sawyers was born, with new owners and a renewed spirit. Sawyers would become even more proactive in the pursuit of continued growth.

In 1999 the Hardware Division and the Plumbing and Heating Division merged under one roof. The current location features a expanded Kitchen & Bath Showroom, larger Woodworking Tool room and the convenience of being under one roof.

Some Accomplishments

2002 Inventory Location Project - Sawyers computerized 40,000 inventory stock locations to make it easier for employees to find products.

2005 Sawyers Window Project - Sawyers replaced over 100 windows on the four story building.

2005 Computer System Upgrade - Sawyers replaced a Honeywell-Bull Mainframe to a Windows Server and replaced all the "dumb tubes" with Windows desktop computerds.

2015 Sawyers enters Social Media. We have a Facebook page, Twitter and Google+. Our goal is to create a Social Media presence to engage with our customers.

Services Offered

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Heat Loss

Pump Sizing

Water Testing

Tool Repair

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